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Proov Confirm Ovulation Double Check


Proov Confirm Ovulation Double Check is a simple pee test that checks for successful ovulation at home. Scan your results with the free Proov Insight app to get lab-quality numerical results right on your phone, with no need to buy an extra monitoring device! 

Proov uses a patented testing method to track PdG, a marker of progesterone that is detectable in urine and indicates successful ovulation when elevated. It’s a key piece of the fertility puzzle not fully revealed by BBT and blood tests. 

Successful ovulations greatly increases the chance of a successful pregnancy. A clinical study* shows that elevated PdG on specific days after suspected ovulation (during the implantation window) is associated with a 92% chance of successful pregnancy, compared to only a 19% chance in those with lower PdG levels.

  • Get numerical results in 10 minutes with the free Proov Insight app
  • Each cycle kit empowers multiple days of testing for more thorough understanding 
  • The perfect companion to Proov Predict ovulation predictor tests

✅  FSA/HSA Approved

✅  FDA-Cleared

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