The Mind-Body Connection

The power of the mind/body connection is evident. Dr. Alice Domar established the first ever Mind/Body Center for Women’s Health & and Mind/Body program for Fertility.  The Domar Center for Mind/Body Health research shows that 52% of previously infertile women attending a mind/body infertility program were pregnant within 6 months after the program versus just 20% of those who did not do any meditation, breathing techniques, or other therapies. The Domar Center has been collecting data for 20 years on the women who attend the mind/body program and the results are consistent. About half the patients get pregnant within six months, and about 95% become moms somehow within two years.

Also, the power of yoga speaks for itself. It’s a great relaxation technique depending on the style as vigorous exercise is associated with decreased fertility. Yoga reminds us that our bodies can help us to feel good. If you feel angry or betrayed by your body during your struggles with fertility, then yoga can provide a way to reconnect with your body.

An integrative approach to fertility provides the best chance for success. The CDC states 7 million women of reproductive age have undergone fertility treatments. High-tech and high-cost treatments with less than a 50% success rate are just not acceptable. Fertility has been medicalized in our society. Thankfully, there is another way.

My strategy combines mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and working directly with bodies energy systems to create harmony. When there is unexplained or idiopathic infertility or even when there is a medical diagnosis, it just is a signal of an imbalance in the body. My approach is to restore balance and the body does the rest of the work.

We store our emotions and thought patterns in our bodies. These experiences both old and recent influence us. By letting go of those experiences, we can make room for new ones. We can choose to respond instead of reacting to new experiences and to create space for new life. Making a baby is at its core a creative process.

Both Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Chakra system from yoga give us insight into how our emotions and thought patterns are stored. I explore these systems and teach clients how to tap into their own sources for creativity and new life.

As a holistic fertility coach, I combined tools and techniques from my various areas of study to create the most effective approach to optimizing the female body for fertility. Fertility at Your Fingertips is an exclusive program for any woman trying to conceive, no matter your age, medical diagnosis or where you are on your fertility journey.

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about my Mind/Body program for fertility.

Margot Zapp
Holistic Fertility Coach
Holistic Coaching Program: Fertility at your Fingertips

Registered Yoga Instructor – 500-hour level
Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner
Gestalt Professional Certified Coach
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